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JESSICA CONTI | Co-Founder & Director of Fulfillment and JERRY CONTI | Founder & CEO
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A: The hotspot will remain with the property if reconnection to the internet is possible.
If not, LinxSTR will pick up the equipment.

A: We will install on a first-come-first-served basis.

A: The hotspot is a device that enables a small fraction of the high-speed Internet servicing the host property to be utilized for data transfer through the Helium IoT network.

A: The hotspot consumes a tiny portion of energy monthly, generally less than $1/month. The device uses about 3 gigabytes per month of Internet, about the same as one streaming movie. Energy costs are about the same as one LED light bulb.

A: The device is connected to the internet router and at times may also require an outdoor antenna. In such cases, LinxSTR arranges for installation and covers all costs.